Winter Solstice

The Rising of the Sun: the Running of the Deer.

winter sunset

winter sunset

21st December: The turning of the year and the shortest day.

A time to reflect and look forward.

I walk the lanes and tracks on farmland at home and think about the small places.

The wild is not only to be found in remote and challenging environments but it is under our feet. Hidden in the variety of hedgerow fruit and in wayside berries.

Suffolk hedgerows autumn bounty

Suffolk hedgerows autumn bounty

In Roger Deakin’s last book, Wildwood he wrote about his, and our, relationship with trees: “They are our barometers of the weather and the changing seasons. We tell the time of the year by them. Trees have the capacity to rise to the heavens and to connect us to the sky, to endure, to renew, to bear fruit, and to burn and warm us through the winter.

(Wildwood: A Journey through Trees pps xi-xii)

What better way to celebrate the winter solstice than to take a walk through trees and return to sit by a log fire.

Winter Solstice trees

Winter Solstice trees

In February 2013 look out for a special celebration of Roger Deakin’s life and work at Diss Corn Hall. Saturday 9 February 2013 at 7.30pm


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