A New Year in the Wild

The Year Turns

Winter Sky as the Year Turns

Winter Sky as the Year Turns

January – poised between two years, like the Roman God Janus after whom the month is named.

Janus is depicted as having two heads so he can look forwards and back, as we  do at this time of year.

We start 2013 in brilliant sunshine with glowing sunrises. The birds feel the year turning. The mistle thrush is calling from the top of the ash tree and great tits ring out duets in the lane.

A woodcock lifts from a ditch, its plumage like a tumble of autumn leaves.

Winter Trees Memories Buried

Winter Trees Memories Buried

The trees are thin, withdrawn, remembering; counting time as every day adds an extra minute of light.

Water snakes along ditches, plunging underground before emerging again into the river and down across the water meadows where a lone egret circles.

Water Meadows in January Flood

Water Meadows in January Flood

Below ground in the winter wheat fields, the mole is making his new tunnel system and where he raises from his work, he has bumped the field with a scatter of loamy mounds. Here some two hundred redwings and fieldfares are feeding. Parties of finches skitter through the trees bringing a sense that the world is still alive … but waiting.

So as 2013 arrives we hope for a better year –  

for time to connect with nature and

for space for nature to survive.

Swan Lane Morning Mist

Swan Lane Morning Mist

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