Sizewell — for Tidal Margins II


SizewellCovehithe - Sizewell 31st March 2012 050

 On the beach there are signs of life

of sorts.


A lone line rises from the sands;

a thread that reaches

from land to sea.

In the paint-cracked hulls,

the rusting booms,

remembrances awake

of ocean-bound hands

that held and prayed.

And those poor Dutchmen fleeing from those flatlands to these.

All lost at sea.

Here in the black-faced watch house; coastal guardian

with its white-framed windows.

There in the fishermans’ sheds.



GM Turner owner.

In the storm line,

the stone crump

of rippled lapidary murmurings;

the echoes of footfalls.

And behind, in that orb,

that sunless sun,

pale earth star,

which wakes and peers east

in awe

each day at dawn.

Suffolk souls, all.

All look to the east.

James Canton

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1 Response to Sizewell — for Tidal Margins II

  1. Ross Gardner says:

    I’m fairly familiar with this stretch of coast, perhaps more so a bit further north towards Dunwich. Evocative words nevertheless.

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