An encounter with a wild thing

Stocks Lane Walberswick – Saturday 30th November

I still can’t get over how fearless it was. A tiny thing the length of my forearm from its pink nose to the tip of its white tail. A pure white baby stoat poked its nose out of a rabbit hole alongside the ancient track I was walking down. I stopped and Jessie, my lurcher, wheeled round to investigate. The little thing did not give an inch but advanced out of the brush and onto the track until they stood nose to nose eyeballing each other. Its lush fur bristling as it hissed like a kettle. I called a soft warning. Then Jess wandered off and the little thing turned its attention to me, wandering through my legs, clambering onto my boot and standing up as though it were going to climb up and perch on my shoulder. Could I make a pet of it? No, absolutely not. I started to away but it followed me until I said, ‘Shoo you silly thing! Go back to your mother’.

Jeremy Solnick

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