Macho nature? Or, Gender in New Nature Writing Part I

An interesting post (and a really good ecocritical blog, I think – do check it out) on gender and Nature Writing, a subject that has exercised some of us Wild Writers quite often…


Astrid Bracke

Sure, the few tentativeattempts at defining a new British nature writing suggest that this is a (sub) genre dominated by men, with the notable exception of Kathleen Jamie. Nonetheless, I’d never really thought of these new British nature writing texts in terms of gender – perhaps the result of years of reading of ecocritical texts in which such gendered approaches to nature are often, and so successfully, deconstructed.

So I hadn’t given gender – and gendered experiences of landscape – in new British nature writing much thought until I came across Adam Nicolson’s SeaRoom (2001). In this declaration of love to the Shiant islands in Northern Scotland, Nicolson, quite matter-of-factly, calls the sea “the male domain” (65), and that made me wonder: really? To what extent do we still perceive nature in gendered terms? And, more interestingly, do male and female experiences of nature in new British nature…

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