Drowned Starlings

Drowned Starlings

Saw some wonderful murmurations, then this!! Amid all the other chaos it seems too too sad.
J – Walberswick 11th December

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5 Responses to Drowned Starlings

  1. mapple says:

    Jeremy – you didn’t give much information. Were the starlings exhausted after the battering wind and died only to be washed up by the high waters? Were there noticeably fewer birds along the coast? We have only heard expressions of concern for the flooding of freshwater lagoons by the tidal surge and the impact inevitably on the bittern. As you say, a very sad sight.

    • jsrsol says:

      Its hard to say how they died but from the way their bodies were grouped together I would say they must have been roosting among the reeds and been caught by the incoming water. It doesn’t seem to have affected the murmurations. They are still collecting over the marshes and dancing at sunset.

  2. jcanto2012 says:

    Powerful image, Jeremy. Surely worthy of a fitting eulogy.

    • jsrsol says:

      Thanks – I will do that. Thankfully the surge tide did not stop them dancing and we had many wonderful murmurations.
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  3. Elaine Ewart says:

    Oh no! That is very sad.

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