Wild Essex

For those of you who know and love the wilds of Essex…


For those with a literary turn:

Is Secret Water an imperial text?

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1 Response to Wild Essex

  1. silvermud says:

    Edward Said, I think, believed that understanding the imperial context of a work helped us see it better, to appreciate the limitations of say, ‘Nostromo’ or ‘Great Expectations’ as well as their strengths. Imperialist reference is not a blanket dismissal of a book and ‘Secret Water’ surely exudes imperial reference from every pore. So much so, that I wonder if satire is intended?(Discuss.) All that quasi-military discipline, all those regular meals, all that washing behind the ears, not to mention the surveying. Twelve copies of the map? Hmm, and all this from a ‘Guardian’ journalist, Bolshevik sympathiser, who was married to Trotsky’s secretary! I must read it again!

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