Burrows Lecture: J.A. Baker: His life, works and legacy

Fifty years ago, a short-sighted, little known young man named J.A Baker wrote a book based on his solitary wanderings tracking peregrines in and around the Blackwater estuaries of Essex. Fifty years later, this book is celebrated as a visceral, incandescent, and vitally important text, precisely presenting the nature of the eponymous peregrine, giving voice to the Essex landscape, and carefully elucidating the wider relationship between humans and their surroundings. Baker is now remembered as the founding father of modern day nature writing, and is known to have inspired many of our great writers of the natural world, including Mark Cocker and Robert Macfarlane.

This important anniversary is being marked by a new edition of the book, the first biography of Baker himself, and a lecture by the University of Essex’s own Dr James Canton, in which he will delve into the life, work, and legacy of this enigmatic man.

The lecture will take place at The Lakeside Theatre on Wednesday 29th November at 6pm. More information and tickets here.


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